What is the composition of Nibron?

Nibron Special is a trademark of Columbia Metals Ltd. It is a high-strength copper-nickel-aluminium alloy closely related to the German Werkstoff number DIN 2.1504. The composition of Nibron Special is 14.5% nickel, 3% aluminium, 1.5% iron, 0.3% manganese, with the balance being copper. The upper limit for several other trace elements is also defined.

The first commercial aluminium-containing Cu-Ni alloy was developed by Langley Alloys in the 1940’s and marketed as Hidurax Special (Cu-15Ni-3Al). It was developed to meet a requirement for a high strength corrosion resistant alloy in naval applications. This alloy was later renamed Hiduron 130 and given the generic designations DIN 2.1504, UNS C72400 and the manufacturing supply code DTD 900/4805.

This grade represented the highest strength copper-based alloy for many years. Copper-beryllium alloys can achieve higher strengths, but there are health and safety issues with the processing of beryllium. In recent years, copper-nickel-tin ‘spinodal alloys’ have been able to exceed the strength of Hiduron 130 in certain conditions.

Copper based alloys are naturally resistant to fouling and possess excellent corrosion resistance in seawater and other environments, making them ideally suited to subsea applications. Hiduron 130 is widely used in connectors and couplings, valves and other subsea components.

The complete composition for Nibron Special, Hiduron 130 and DIN 2.1504 are shown below:


Langley Alloys stocks Hiduron 130 as round bars from ½”-8” (12.7-203.2mm) diameter, and it can be supplied as bespoke forgings and blocks.


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