Ferralium 255 (pipe and tube)


At its core, stainless steels are remarkable and versatile alloys, primarily composed of iron, chromium, nickel and other elements. What distinguishes them from traditional steel pipes is their resistance to corrosion, tarnish and rust, due to the formation of an intrinsic chromium oxide layer on its surface. This layer not only protects it from environmental degradation, but also offers a lustrous finish.

Seamless Vs. Welded Pipes

At Langley Alloys, we supply pipes in a wide range of sizes, with a focus on high-performance alloys such as duplex and super duplex stainless steel. They are available either seamless (SMLS), formed by extruding a single length from a pierced billet, or welded (WLD), produced from a rolled strip or plate with a longitudinal weld along its length.

Seamless pipes are typically limited to a maximum of 10” (254 mm) outside diameter and are usually produced in ‘scheduled’ finishes that cover a range of wall thicknesses. The extrusion process can result in both improved and more consistent mechanical properties.

In contrast, welded pipes can be readily produced up to outside diameters of 24” (609.6 mm), with a greater degree of flexibility in size and wall thickness. This process route more readily allows bespoke sizes or pipes manufactured with less common alloys to be produced in smaller quantities.

Both pipes are ideal for many industries including construction, marine, oil, gas and water supply, drainage systems and more.

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