What is NES835?

NES835 is commonly used to describe the alloy better-known as Hiduron 191 (UNS C72420).

The Hiduron family of alloys were developed by Langley Alloys in the late 1930s. This alloy was immediately adopted for naval applications during the second world war. Today, it continues to be used in a wide range of industries and applications.

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Copper nickel small diameter bars available from stock.

Uses of Hiduron 130 

Hiduron 130 (DIN 2.1504, DTD900/4805) is most widely used on account of its very high strength. Hiduron 191 (NES835) was developed subsequently to improve the level of impact strength, substituting a small amount of the original grades yield strength in return for greater toughness. The copper-nickel alloys achieve consistently high strength across a wide range of sizes, via a precipitation strengthening mechanism that is developed when the bars are cooled after forging.

NES stands for Naval Engineering Standard –  an acronym originally produced by the UK’s Ministry of Defence. It has been replaced by Def Stan 02-835, where Def Stan is shorthand for Defence Standard. Therefore, Hiduron 191 is also referred to as Def Stan 02-835, where this standard covers the “Requirements for High Strength Copper Nickel Manganese Alloy Forgings, Forging Stock Rods and Sections”.

Copper-Nickel alloys, also known as Cupronickels, improve upon the strength of copper but retain favourable physical properties such as resistance to corrosion and fouling. As such, they are perfect for naval and marine applications, but also find application in modern subsea equipment too. Hiduron grades are also used in valve applications which make use of their excellent resistance to galling. Stab platers, connectors and couplings are other common applications related to the Oil and Gas industry.

Langley Alloys carries stock of Hiduron 130 and Hiduron 191 as round bar. Hiduron 130 is most popular and can usually be satisfied from stock, whereas Hiduron 191 (NES835) is more typically used for projects that are supplied from production, often with bespoke forged blocks.

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