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What is API 6A CRA?

API 6A CRA is a supplement to API 6A, covering a group of high performance alloys – specifically age-hardened nickel alloys.

What is NACE MR0175?

NACE MR1075 specifies the types of corrosion resistant materials that can be used in specific oilfield environments.

How can I get assistance in selecting the right alloy for my application?

One area that sets Langley Alloys apart from other distributors is our ability to support alloy selection.

Can you supply a Type 3.2 certificate?

Langley Alloys routinely arranges for Type 3.2 certification for the products we supply.

What is a Type 3.2 certificate?

A Type 3.2 certificate is requested by customers in order to independently verify material conformity through the supply chain.

Do you specialise in castings?

Langley Alloys history includes many years operating our own foundry.

Do you offer inspection?

We can provide non-destructive testing such as ultrasonic and liquid penetrant, from our in-house team qualified to ASNT Level II standards.

Do you offer custom forgings?

Langley Alloys can offer custom-shaped forgings as rings, blanks and shafts.

Do you offer deep hole boring?

Langley Alloys operates an in-house deep hole borer that can quickly and effectively bore holes in the most popular size of bars.

What machining services do you offer?

Langley Alloys can offer deep hole boring, turning and milling from our in-house capability to a proof machine finish.

Do you offer plate processing?

Our Portland, USA warehouse specialises in the handling of (super duplex) plate products.

Do you offer bar processing?

All of our sites operate modern CNC saws, able to cut any of the alloys within our product range to a very high degree of accuracy.

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