What is a Type 3.2 certificate?

EN 10204:2004 is a European standard for material certificates, of which there are four different types. Type 3.1 certificates are commonly referred to as ‘Mill Certificates’ and confirm the originating production mill plus general mechanical, physical and chemical properties.

Type 3.2 certificates are commonly referred to as ‘Witness Testing’ or ‘3rd Party Inspection’ certificates. By using an outside agency to witness sampling and testing of the material, plus validate copies of the associated paperwork, they provide independent assurance of a material’s properties and greater confidence of its traceability.

This type of certificate is traditionally required in the pressure equipment manufacturing sector across Europe and in many oil and gas applications. Type 3.2 gives companies an elevated level of confidence to cope with complex global supply chains. Users can be confident about the integrity of the material due to manufacturers issuing the certification and a third-party inspector confirming it, with both declaring that the materials follow the required specification.

The authorised inspectors will identify the traceability of materials plus reviewing and witnessing the testing requirements.

Requirements for certified materials came about when the European Union introduced new EC directives such as the Pressure Equipment Directive which led to the authentication of material certification requirements.

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