Fabrication and Machining

What is pattern making in casting?

A pattern is a replica of the part to be produced by casting. It has historically been hand-produced in wood when sand casting, or in wax.

Do you specialise in castings?

Langley Alloys history includes many years operating our own foundry.

Do you offer custom forgings?

Langley Alloys can offer custom-shaped forgings as rings, blanks and shafts.

Do you offer deep hole boring?

Langley Alloys operates an in-house deep hole borer that can quickly and effectively bore holes in the most popular size of bars.

Do you offer proof machining?

Langley Alloys are now able to offer proof machining (first stage machining) from our in-house facilities.

Do you offer trepanning?

Currently, we do not offer trepanning from our in-house deep hole borer, although it can be arranged through our network of subcontractors.

What machining services do you offer?

Langley Alloys can offer deep hole boring, turning and milling from our in-house capability to a proof machine finish.

Do you offer plate processing?

Our Portland, USA warehouse specialises in the handling of (super duplex) plate products.

Do you offer bar processing?

All of our sites operate modern CNC saws, able to cut any of the alloys within our product range to a very high degree of accuracy.

Forging vs. Casting: Which is better?

Forging and casting are fundamentally different processes, so any comparison must consider the particular component and requirements.

What is trepanning?

Trepanning is the process of creating a hole through the centre of a solid bar, where the metal is removed as a smaller solid bar.

What is deep hole boring?

A deep hole is normally considered to be one where its depth is 10 x greater than its diameter.

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