What are copper nickels?

Copper-nickel alloys (also known as cupronickels) provide the most acceptable high-strength option for a copper alloy. This is because the addition of nickel into the pure copper matrix increases the strength and corrosive resistance of the copper while retaining copper’s ability to be ductile when exposed to heat and pressure — making it an excellent material choice for pipe systems. 

However, strength is not the only characteristic of these alloys. Copper nickels also offer an excellent option for those wishing to pursue water resistance. For example, if you’re looking at power generation underwater or anything to do with commercial shipping, copper nickels are the ideal material. 

Interestingly, despite the presence of copper, copper nickels are uniformly silver in colour due to the nickel component’s high electronegativity. Furthermore, Copper nickels retain the favourable non-galling, non-fouling properties of copper, but with several times greater yield strength. 

Uses For Copper Nickels

Other common uses for copper nickels include: 

  • Hulls for boats
  • Desalination plants (including brine heaters and heat rejection)
  • Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms and Processors

Hiduron 130 (DTD 498/500, 2.1504) is Langley Alloy’s highest-strength copper-nickel, and is widely used for sub-sea connectors, valve components, fasteners and stab plates.

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