How many types of copper alloys are there?

 Copper was one of the very first metals to be exploited by mankind, partly because it occurs naturally in a directly useable metallic form. Indeed, we have reason to believe that only Gold and Meteoric Iron were in use before Copper, and perhaps only then because they were easily discoverable. Such was the widespread use of Copper that this first epoch of man’s exploration of metallurgy was known as the Copper Age. 

Copper has a range of very useful properties which have made it a useful alloy, both in the modern day and in antiquity. These properties include high levels of thermal and electrical conductivity, resistance to fouling (growth of organisms on its surface), resistance to corrosion, and ease of fabrication.

Copper is a relatively easy metal to melt, and several elements have good solubility in it, encouraging a wide range of alloying compositions. There are many alloy families based upon copper, including Brasses, bronze, and Gun Metals. There are perhaps 400 or more different Copper-based alloys – with most of those different copper-based alloys featuring one use or another.

Copper-based Alloys From Langley Alloys

 For over 80 years, we have manufactured high-quality alloys, including cupronickels, super duplex stainless steels, and many more. Our products have been used in a variety of industries, including marine, chemical and gas, and aerospace. 

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