How to repair pitting corrosion

Pitting corrosion is a non-reversible process i.e. once corrosion has begun you can only deal with the consequences.

What causes pitting corrosion?

Pitting corrosion generally occurs in aggressive environments, and where the protective passive film is damaged.

How to measure pitting corrosion

There are many different approaches to the measurement of corrosion, and specifically pitting corrosion.

How to prevent crevice corrosion

The best defence against crevice corrosion is to limit the potential for crevices.

What is the difference between pitting and crevice corrosion?

The main difference between pitting and crevice corrosion is the geometry of the corrosion site.

How does crevice corrosion occur?

The most common form of crevices are very small gaps and contact points around fasteners, joints and washers.

What is NACE MR0175?

NACE MR1075 specifies the types of corrosion resistant materials that can be used in specific oilfield environments.

What are some signs of alloy corrosion?

Corrosion is a form of chemical reaction which will form a visible corrosion product.

What is localised corrosion?

Localised corrosion occurs in specific locations rather than across the entire exposed surface.

What is General Corrosion?

General (or uniform) corrosion is the most common form of corrosion, where corrosion occurs across most of the surface area of the metal.

What are the main types of corrosion?

There are many different variants of corrosion, reflecting both the impact of different environments and the failure mechanism.

Do nickel alloys corrode?

Nickel alloys will corrode in the same way as stainless steels if exposed to suitably corrosive environments.

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