What are the consequences of pitting corrosion?

The impact of pitting corrosion will depend upon the extent and depth of the corrosion pits that are formed.

A light distribution of shallow pits may only impact the appearance of the component, and the formation of corrosion deposits acts to limit or stop further corrosion at these locations. However, for some applications, even shallow pits may be problematical, for instance in food production or pharmaceuticals, as any contamination from corrosion products or uncleaned areas would have a negative impact on product quality or safety.

Large or deep corrosion pits are far more problematical, particularly in load-bearing components. Not only will they reduce the effective thickness of the component to unsafe levels, but in extreme conditions can also act as stress concentrators. Therefore, physical failure can be initiated at these locations, either with structural elements collapsing or pressurised containers exploding.

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