What is General Corrosion?

Also known as uniform corrosion, general corrosion is an extremely common form of corrosion. Normally, this process occurs when the metal’s surface is exposed to a high alkali or acidic material. This material will eat away at the outermost layer of the surface. Normally, this damage is purely aesthetic — leaving the surface’s structure undamaged. 

General Corrosion normally affects non-corrosion-resistant materials such as carbon and super duplex stainless steels, which will form the instantly-recognised bright red iron oxide rust layer throughout.

Due to the increased corrosion resistance of stainless steels, nickel and copper alloys, you are highly unlikely to witness general corrosion. More likely will be localised corrosion in selected areas, where conditions are particularly aggressive or there are defects or damage to the protective passive film layer.

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