CS62 – Huduron 191 – Ring Forging


In an application involving contact with sea water, a threaded component made in steel, which had to be capable of being periodically unscrewed, tended to seize up when mated with steel.


The problem was effectively solved by using HIDURON 191 ring forgings for the threaded component. The forgings weigh 860lbs each and are machined to an outsider diameter of 31” with a wall thickness of 3.75” and a thickness of 6”.


HIDURON 191 (UNS C72420, NES 835, DEF STAN 02-835) cupronickel (copper-nickel alloy) widely used for marine applications because of its outstanding corrosion resistance to sea water and its high mechanical properties which give it strength equivalent to steel.


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Project Overview:

  • Market Sector: Marine & Navel
  • Material: Hiduron 191
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