CS122 – Hiduron 130 – Gears


Our armed services rely on the quality and performance of the materials they employ in their fighting equipment to the utmost extent in terms of reliability of operation and the consequent effectiveness and safety of their forces.


Chieftain and Challenger tanks now utilise the excellent mechanical strength/hardness characteristics of HIDURON 130 for several of the complex gears in the turret transverse and elevation gear boxes produced by The Davall Gear Company Ltd. HIDURON 130 (DIN 2.1504, DTD900/4805, Hidurax Special) is a complex cupronickel and is one of the highest strength copper alloys available. In addition to strength, its excellent wear resistance and anti-frictional properties make it an ideal choice for many gear applications.


Being a cupronickel, this alloy has excellent resistance to corrosion by seawater and marine and industrial atmospheres and is highly resistant to crevice corrosion. Major uses are in navel applications (where very low magnetic permeability is often required), marine engineering generally, bearing applications and in high performance internal combustion engines for valve seat inserts and thrust washers.


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Project Overview:

  • Material: Hiduron 130
  • Place: Davall Gear Company Ltd
  • Country: UK
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