CS69 – Hiduron 130 – Actuators


The successful performance of actuators used throughout industry for operating valves, equipment and plant frequently depends upon Hiduron special alloys. These materials are commonly used for components such as stem nuts or worm wheels which engage with lead screws by which rotatory movement is converted into linear drive.


The choice of Hiduron 130 (DIN 2.1504, DTD900/4805, Hidurax Special) is based upon its mechanical strength, which is equivalent to that of steel, its good resistance to shock loading, its good wear resistance and its ability to work against steel without seizing under heavily loaded conditions.


Opperman Gears Ltd., of Newbury, Berks, make several parts for “Limitorque” actuators used for many applications which include the operation of valves, dampers, lock gates etc., and they have been using Hiduron alloys very successfully for actuator stem nuts for many years.


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Project Overview:

  • Market Sector: Pumps, Valves and Seals
  • Material: Hiduron 130
  • Place: Opperman Gears Ltd
  • Country: UK
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