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Do you offer bar processing?

All of our sites operate modern CNC saws, able to cut any of the alloys within our product range to a very high degree of accuracy.

Do you offer a delivery service?

We are able to arrange delivery via specialist hauliers, dedicated containers for larger export orders or couriers for smaller quantities.

Are your products supplied with full certifications and traceability?

All products will be supplied with a 3.1 ‘mill certificate’ as standard. Traceability is closely managed through our systems and marking.

What is your lead time?

The order lead time will depend upon stock availability, specification review, the need for any processing and additional testing.

Can I buy online?

Not at present. Although many of our processes are largely automated, the complexity of an order requires off-line review.

How do I place an order?

Langley Alloys transactions follow a path, from initial enquiry to quotation, to the issue of a purchase order then our order acknowledgement.

How fast do you respond to quote requests?

For most quotations we are able to respond within a couple of hours only.

What type of information do you need from me to provide an accurate quote?

To provide an accurate quotation we need the grade, any associated specification, the number of items, length/diameter plus delivery date.

How do I request a quotation?

Langley Alloys has sales offices in the UK, USA and Singapore, where you can speak to one of our sales team or send your enquiry via email.

What is the difference between a welded tube and seamless tube?

A welded tube will contain at least a longitudinal weld running the length of the tube where the edges of a formed flat sheet are joined.

What is the difference between sheet and plate?

A sheet is a thinner item of metal cut from a continuously rolled coil, whereas a plate is a thicker item rolled as a single piece.

What are some signs of alloy corrosion?

Corrosion is a form of chemical reaction which will form a visible corrosion product.

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