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What is localised corrosion?

Localised corrosion occurs in specific locations rather than across the entire exposed surface.

What is General Corrosion?

General (or uniform) corrosion is the most common form of corrosion, where corrosion occurs across most of the surface area of the metal.

What are the main types of corrosion?

There are many different variants of corrosion, reflecting both the impact of different environments and the failure mechanism.

Forging vs. Casting: Which is better?

Forging and casting are fundamentally different processes, so any comparison must consider the particular component and requirements.

What is trepanning?

Trepanning is the process of creating a hole through the centre of a solid bar, where the metal is removed as a smaller solid bar.

What is deep hole boring?

A deep hole is normally considered to be one where its depth is 10 x greater than its diameter.

What is the difference between the various super duplex alloys?

There are subtle composition differences between super duplex grades, but Ferralium is the only one to exceed a min. yield strength of 85ksi.

What is the difference between Alloy 825 and Alloy 925?

Alloy 825 and Alloy 925 are nearly identical in composition, but Alloy 925 is appreciably higher strength.

How has Ferralium developed over the years?

Improvements have been made to the composition, reducing impurities and associated inclusions, plus improved heat treatment.

How was Ferralium developed?

Ferralium is the original super duplex stainless steel, developed by Langley Alloys throughout the 1960’s and a patent in 1967.

What is the difference between Alloy 625 and Alloy 725?

Alloy 625 and Alloy 725 are nearly identical in composition, but Alloy 725 is appreciably higher strength.

What is the difference between 304 and 316?

Alloy 316 offers improved corrosion performance over Alloy 304, by virtue of an increased molybdenum content.

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