What is Sandvik?

Sandvik is a Swedish company that has been associated with the production of high-performance stainless steels for many years. 

Founded in 1862, Sandvik was one of the first companies to exploit volume production of steel using the Bessemer process. Sandvik take their name from the location of their main site, Sandviken, some 190km/120 miles north of Stockholm.

Following an organisational change, the part of the business associated with metals manufacture and formerly known as Sandvik is now called Alleima. Alleima remains a leader in the materials technology industry and a promoter of duplex and super duplex stainless steels. They have invested considerable R&D resources into their development, manufacture and application of these alloys, allowing for considerable innovation in this field. 

Langley Alloys and Sandvik

Langley Alloys are a preferred distribution partner of Alleima. This means that we have a close professional relationship with them and stock a comprehensive range of their grades across our warehouses.

This range includes:

Sanmac 2205

A special variant of UNS S32205 (F60, 1.4462), Sanmac 2205 comes with ‘enhanced machinability’ as standard. The formation of controlled inclusions within the steel helps to encourage chip-breaking during machining, resulting in more reproducible machining, longer tool life and greater productivity.

SAF2507 (UNS S32750, F53, 1.4410)

SAF2507 is the super duplex stainless steel most closely associated with Alleima. It is the third main variant of 25% Cr super duplex stainless steels after Ferralium 255 and S32760 (F55, 1.4501, Zeron 100) and has been heavily promoted by them since the 1980’s.

S32760 (F55, 1.4501, Zeron 100) 

S32760 completes the family of popular super duplex stainless steels manufactured by Alleima and widely stocked by Langley Alloys.

In addition to solid bars in the above grades, we also stock a wide range of steel hollowbars in Sanmac 316L (UNS S31603, 1.4404). Available in more than 100 different sizes, this product form helps to save machinists significant time and material cost if producing components with a central bore.

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