Super Duplex

What is the PREN of super duplex stainless steels?

The industry specifications NACE MR1075 and Norsok M650 would require the three main super duplex stainless steels to have a PREN>40.

How do super austenitic and super duplex stainless steels compare?

Super duplex stainless steels have comparable corrosion resistance, but greater strength and lower costs than super austenitics.

How straightforward is super duplex welding?

By following the correct weld procedures and using suitable filler metals, it is possible to achieve good welds in super duplex alloys.

What is the super duplex stainless steel price?

The cost to produce super duplex stainless steel will depend upon the exact composition, product form, size, inspection and mill producer.

Super Duplex

Is 2205 a super duplex stainless steel?

The grade UNS S32205 (1.4462, F51) is the most commonly specified duplex stainless steel.

How do super duplex stainless steels compare with Alloy 316?

There is a considerable improvement in the mechanical and physical properties of super duplex stainless steel vs 316.

What is super duplex material?

Super duplex is ‘shorthand’ for a family of high-performance stainless steels based around a 25% chromium content. Learn more by visiting Langley Alloys today!

What is 1.4501?

1.4501 is the Werkstoff number for a super duplex stainless steel most commonly known as Zeron 100 or UNS S32760.

What is 1.4507?

1.4507 is the Werkstoff number for a super duplex stainless steel most commonly known as Ferralium 255.

What is Sandvik?

Sandvik are a Swedish company associated with the production of high-performance stainless steels for many years.

What are the applications for super duplex stainless steels?

The term super duplex is typically applied to duplex stainless steels with a chromium content of 25% and a PREN value >40.

What is Zeron 100?

Zeron 100 is a super duplex stainless steel developed in the 1980’s by Mather & Platt, more widely referred to as Alloy 32760, F55, 1.4501.

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