What is Alloy 255?

Alloy 255 is a generic description of our unique Ferralium 255 super duplex stainless steel (DIN 1.4507, UNS S32550, ASTM F61).

History and Properties  of Alloy 255

It was developed in the 1960’s and has been successfully used in a wide variety of demanding applications, including Oil and Gas, chemical processing and subsea industries. We carry extensive stock of this alloy across our warehouses in the UK and USA as bar, plate, pipe and fittings. In bar form, it is the only super duplex stainless steel to achieve >85ksi Yield Strength. With it’s increased copper content compared with other super duplex stainless steels, it provides superior performance in a range of acids, such as sulphuric acid. This makes is well-suited for use in fertiliser production.

Ferralium 255 was used in the refurbishment of the Statue of Liberty in the 1980’s. More than 9T of super duplex stainless steel was used to replace parts of the internal supporting structure that had suffered from corrosion.

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