CS128 – Hidurel 5 – Swash Plate Pumps


Swash plate pumps find wide use in a variety of applications where close metering of the pumped product is required. These applications involve diverse fields of activity from pumping water in mining to fuel delivery and controlling tracked vehicles by means of hydrostatic steering units.


The choice of materials for the internal components of such pumps must be carefully made, to ensure that the mechanical and other properties are appropriate for the arduous conditions they encounter. The photograph shows a water pump designed by Marshalsea Hydraulics Ltd of Taunton. Six austenitic stainless-steel pistons operate in HIDUREL 5 cylinders and this has proved to be a highly effective and reliable combination.


HIDUREL 5 (copper-nickel-silicon alloy) is chosen for a number of components, such as cylinders and slipper pads, in swash plate pumps, where its high mechanical, bearing and thermal properties in addition to good corrosion resistance contribute its successful use. HIDUREL 5 (UNS C64711, DIN 2.0855, DTD 498) is also employed for bearing cages in areo-engines and other critical applications benefit from the extremely low magnetic permeability of the alloy.


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Project Overview:

  • Market Sector: Pumps, Valves and Seals
  • Material: Hidurel 5
  • Place: Marshalsea
  • Country: UK
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