What is UNS S32760 material?

UNS S32760 is a super duplex stainless steel, based around a chromium content of 25%, that is also referred to as DIN 1.4501 and ASTM A182 F55 (when supplied as solid bars).

The grade known as S32760 was originally developed by Mather & Platt and marketed as Zeron 100. Mather & Platt was a UK-based company, hailing from Manchester, focused on the manufacture of large-scale centrifugal pumps. The use of super duplex stainless steels for such applications was obvious, given the potentially aggressive solutions being handled, requiring significant corrosion resistance, strength and wear resistance. Hence, the team at Mather & Platt sought to optimise ease of casting and long-term performance of their pump bodies for more demanding applications.  The pump division of Mather & Platt was subsequently acquired by Weir Pumps, although the Manchester site and foundry closed. The Zeron 100 trademark is now held by Rolled Alloys Inc.

Compared with other super duplex stainless steels, Alloy 32760 (UNS S32760, 1.4501, F55) includes a deliberate addition of tungsten, claimed to selectively improve corrosion resistance.

Langley Alloys stocks S32760 (DIN 1.4501, ASTM A182 F55) solid bars in sizes from 5/8” to 20” (15.87-508mm) diameter, plate up to 3” (76.2mm) thick, plus pipes in scheduled sizes, fittings and flanges.

We also carry a complete stock of other super duplex stainless steels, including S32750 (DIN 1.4410, ASTM A182 F53) and Ferralium 255 (DIN 1.4507, ASTM A182 F61).

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