What is the use of Alloy 718?

Alloy 718 is a high-strength, nickel-based alloy that has been widely used across different market segments for a number of years. These applications seek to exploit its high strength and corrosion resistance, ability to operate at high temperatures and resistance to stress corrosion cracking.

Alloy 718 was introduced in the 1960s and initially used in the aerospace industry as it retained it high strength at elevated temperatures. This supported the development of jet engines, and it has been extensively used in aircraft engine components such as gas turbine discs, blades, casings, and fasteners.

Due to its ready availability in the market, Alloy 718 it was taken up by the oil and gas industry. This was associated with wells moving offshore, drilling deeper with higher temperatures, pressures and corrosive contaminants. Alloy 718 is employed in applications such as downhole drilling tools and wellhead components. Resistance to sulphide stress cracking and corrosion, plus high strength and impact toughness make it well suited.

By association with Oil and Gas, Alloy 718 is also used across the chemical process industries, in reactors, valves and heat exchangers due to its ability to withstand corrosive chemicals and acids, as well as elevated temperatures.

Alloy 718 has been used in the automotive sector – usually motor racing where the budget restrictions are less prevalent. High temperature strength is needed in turbocharger turbines and exhaust system components.

Energy generation and nuclear applications exist in reactor components and steam-based systems.

Finally, it is occasionally used in applications exposed to seawater, whether marine or more general engineering. This includes fasteners, valve trim and heat exchangers.

Langley Alloys stocks Alloy 718 as round bars from 1/2”-10” diameter (12.7-254mm).


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