What is the super duplex stainless steel price?

The cost to produce super duplex stainless steel will depend upon the exact composition, the product form, size, inspection requirements and obviously the mill producer. For instance, hollow bars and seamless tubes are more expensive to produce given the additional production steps, whereas plates are less expensive given their simpler production flow.

Variable cost items include energy costs and wages, but the most significant one on a monthly basis is the cost of raw materials. An alloy surcharge is applied by mill producers to reflect the current costs of chromium, nickel and other alloy additions, which can vary according to global demand from alternative applications and mining activity. This alloy surcharge is reviewed and updated monthly, with most volatility being associated with nickel as the most expensive addition.

For stockists, additional costs can be introduced by processing costs, plus yield loss from swarf and offcuts. In order to minimise both product cost and price volatility it is always worthwhile engaging with the team at Langley Alloys. We can arrange stock consignments and call-off arrangements, together with bespoke sizes and in-house processing to optimise the supply chain.

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