What is the price of Inconel 725?

Inconel 725 is a nickel-based grade, primarily alloyed with chromium with significant additions of molybdenum, niobium and titanium. Nickel is understood to be an expensive metal, and subject to variations in price. The other main alloying elements are all relatively expensive too. resulting in the high cost of Inconel 725.

In addition, its very high strength is achieved through a metallurgical process known as precipitation-strengthening. During an additional heat treatment process, very fine precipitates form throughout the metal and ‘pin’ the microstructure of it when subject to an external load, increasing its strength and toughness. Therefore, the cost of Inconel 725 is also influenced by the time and energy costs of this further heat treatment process, plus the challenge of meeting the necessary high strengths.

The combination of expensive alloying elements and extra heat treatment result in Inconel 725 being the most expensive grade currently stocked by Langley Alloys. With regular fluctuation in the alloy surcharges, plus the imposition of energy surcharges, it is appropriate for customers to share their specific requirement. Our offer can then account for the latest pricing information, availability and processing to provide an accurate price and delivery schedule.

Langley Alloys stocks Alloy 725 as round bars from 1”-4” diameter (25.4-101.6mm).


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