What is SAF2507?

SAF2507 is a registered trademark of Sandvik Intellectual Property AB. SAF stands for Sandvik Austenite Ferrite, whilst 2507 references the UNS S32750 caption. Sandvik have optimised the composition and production of this super duplex stainless steel in order to maximise the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

SAF2507 is based upon a 25% chromium content, in keeping with other super duplex stainless steels such as Ferralium 255 and Zeron 100. With a pitting resistance equivalent number (PREN) >40, corrosion resistance is extremely good – super duplex stainless steels are recommended for applications requiring long-term immersion in seawater. Yield strength is typically 3-4x that of a regular Alloy 316L grade.

Langley Alloys stocks a complete range of SAF2507 from 20mm diameter to 450mm diameter solid bar.

Applications for Duplex Stainless Steel

SAF2507 is a super duplex stainless steel designed specifically for service in aggressive chloride-containing environments. Here are some of its typical applications –

Oil and Gas Exploration and Production – Chloride-containing environments such as seawater handling and process systems plus hydraulic and process fluid tubes in umbilicals.
Seawater Cooling – SAF2507 is used for tubing for heat exchangers in chemical industries, process industries, refineries plus other industries using seawater or chlorinated seawater as coolant.

Salt Evaporation – Evaporator tubing for production of corrosive salts.
Desalination Plants – Duplex stainless steel is used for pressure vessels for reverse osmosis units, tube and pipe for seawater transport and hear exchanger tubing.
Geothermal Wells – Heat exchangers in geothermal exploitation units, systems exposed to geothermal or high salinity brines, tubing and casing for production.
Oil and Refining and Petrochemical and Gas Processing – SAF2507 is used for tubes and pipes where the process environment contains large amounts of chlorides or is contaminated with hydrochloric acid.
Pulp and Paper Production – Material for chloride-containing bleaching environments.
Chemical Processing – Organic acid plants plus when process solutions are contaminated with chlorides.
Mechanical Components Requiring High Strength – Propeller shafts and other products that are subjected to high mechanical load in seawater and other chloride-containing environments.
Desulfurization Units – As reheater tubes in flue gas desulfurization systems.

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