What is Nitronic®?

Nitronic is a trademark belonging to AK Steel Inc and covers a family of more highly alloyed austenitic stainless steels. Such is the recognition of the trademark that it is generically used to describe such alloys even if produced by another manufacturer. The most widely used Nitronic alloys are Nitronic 50 (Fermonic 50, XM19, UNS S20910, 1.3964) and Nitronic 60 (Fermonic 60, UNS S21800).

Nitronic 50 is a super austenitic stainless steel, offering improved strength and significantly improved corrosion performance (PREN = 34) over regular 3xx series grades. It is most widely used in the production of valve stems due to its toughness at lower operating temperatures, and also in a wide range of marine and boat hardware due to its ease of fabrication.

Nitronic 60 is specifically formulated to achieve excellent galling and wear resistance and is used in applications such as connectors.

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