What is Inconel 625 used for?

Inconel 625 is used in an incredibly wide array of applications, perhaps more so than any of the other alloys we actively stock. With outstanding corrosion resistance, a wide temperature operating range and ease of fabrication.

As Inconel 625 is easily able to withstand local pitting and crevice corrosion attack in seawater, it has found use in marine applications, from propellers and submarine propulsion motors, exhaust ducts, bellows, seals, fasteners and measurement equipment.

Aerospace applications make great use of Inconel 625’s resistance to oxidation, creep and fatigue, plus availability in sheet form and ease of brazing/welding opens up other applications. These include aircraft ducting and exhaust systems, fuel line tubing, bellows and turbine components. It has also been widely used in rocket motors.

The outstanding and versatile corrosion resistance of Inconel 625 under a wide range of temperatures and pressures is a primary reason for its wide acceptance in the chemical processing field. Because of its ease of fabrication, it is made into a variety of components for plant equipment. Its high strength enables it to be used, for example, in thinner-walled vessels or tubing than possible with other materials, thus improving heat transfer and saving weight. Some applications requiring the combination of strength and corrosion resistance offered by Inconel 625 are bubble caps, tubing, reaction vessels, distillation columns, heat exchangers, transfer piping, and valves.

In the nuclear field, Inconel 625 may be used for reactor-core and control-rod components in nuclear water reactors. The material can be selected because of its high strength, excellent uniform corrosion resistance, resistance to stress cracking and excellent pitting resistance in 500°-600°F (260-316°C) water. Alloy 625 is also being considered in advanced reactor concepts because of its high allowable design strength at elevated temperatures, especially between 1200°-1400°F (649-760°C).

Langley Alloys stocks Alloy 625 as round bars up to 10” (254mm) in diameter.


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