What is Ferralium?

Ferralium is a trademark belonging to Langley Alloys Ltd and refers to the world’s first super duplex stainless steel developed by us. It was formally launched in 1969 after a patent application in 1967 was granted.

Ferralium 255-SD50 (UNS S32550, F61, 1.4507) is the only super duplex stainless steel to achieve a minimum yield strength of >85ksi (586N/mm2), and its increased copper content and reduced level of inclusions provides superior corrosion performance over alternative super duplex stainless steel grades.

Ferralium is available ex-stock in solid bars from 5/8” to 14” diameter, and in plate up to 3” thick, plus a range of pipes and fittings. Castings and forgings can be offered through our licenced partners.

Referred to as a ‘super’ alloy because it is ideal for situations where conventional stainless steels are not adequate, a number of industries rely on Alloy 255 including chemical, marine, water treatment, metallurgical, plastics, oil and gas, papermaking and metalworking.

Applications of Ferralium increased significantly in the 1980’s with the exploration for oil and gas in the hostile conditions of the UK North Sea. Having proven its benefits over alternative grades, it has remained highly specified by the world’s leading technology providers to this market ever since.

Did you know that Ferralium 255 was used in the refurbishment of the Statue of Liberty? The ‘Lady with the Lamp’ was in need of urgent repair during the 1980’s, as corrosion had severely impacted the internal support structure. Ferralium was selected on the basis of its strength and corrosion resistance, together with its compatibility with the other metals.

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