What is Alloy 825 material?

Alloy 825 is a nickel-based alloy, which means that the largest element present is nickel at 38-46% of the total. It also contains iron, chromium and molybdenum, but at lower proportions.

Alloy 825 is more widely known as Incoloy 825, where Incoloy is a registered trademark of Special Metals Incorporated and is applied to a family of nickel-based alloys primarily alloyed with chromium. Incoloy 825 was brought to the market in 1952, building upon Incoloy 800 to better resist sulphuric acid. For many years it was the default choice of metal for the handling of sulphuric acid. The high nickel content ensures resistance to stress corrosion cracking, and a wider temperature operating range than many stainless steels. Nickel is an expensive alloying addition, but Alloy 825 has a lower nickel content than most other nickel-based alloys. Therefore, it has been widely used where lower-cost stainless steels are not suitable for use.

Langley Alloys stocks Alloy 825 as round bars from 5/8”-10” diameter (15.87-254mm), with pipes and hollow bar also available.

Alloy 925 is nearly identical to Alloy 825 in terms of composition. However, small additions of titanium and aluminium, together with an extra heat treatment process, results in precipitation strengthening. Very small precipitates form and help to ‘pin’ the microstructure of the metal when it is subject to an external load, increasing its strength and toughness. Alloy 925 can therefore provide 3-4 times the tensile strength of the equivalent component supplied from Alloy 825.


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