What is 2.4668?

2.4668 is the Werkstoff number for a nickel-based alloy most commonly known as Inconel 718. The Werstoff designation was developed by the German standards body DIN, with the term Werkstoff translating approximately to ‘material’.

Inconel 718 was launched in 1962, initially for the aerospace industry, but due to its ready availability in the market it was taken-up by the oil and gas industry. This was associated with wells moving offshore, drilling deeper with higher temperatures, pressures and corrosive contaminants. Inconel 718 utilises precipitation treatment to achieve significantly increased strengths, whilst still retaining much of the toughness (impact strength) and formability (elongation) of the base alloy.

Langley Alloys stocks Alloy 718 (2.4668, UNS N07718, Inconel 718) as solid bars between 5/8” (15.875mm) and 10” (254mm) diameter. Our stock is certified to API 6A CRA and NACE MR0175 / ISO 15156-3.

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