What does Incoloy® mean?

Incoloy is a trademark belonging to Special Metal Inc and applied to a family of nickel-iron –chrome alloys. Such is the recognition of the trademark that it is generically used to describe such alloys even if produced by another manufacturer.

The most widely recognised Incoloy alloys are Alloy 825 ( Incoloy 825, UNS N08825, 2.4858) and Alloy 925 (Incoloy 925, UNS N09925), the latter of which is a higher-strength alloy. Alloy 825 is widely used in the production of valve components, whilst Alloy 925 is used in a variety of tooling for oil and gas applications as a lower-cost alternative to Alloy 718 (Inconel 718, UNS N07718, 2.4688).

Incoloy Properties and Advantages

Incoloy alloys are based upon a nickel-iron-chromium composition, which imparts good strength and excellent resistance to carburization and oxidation in high-temperature exposure. This type of nickel-steel alloys is identical except for the higher level of carbon. Here are some advantages of choosing Incoloy alloys –

  • Good corrosion resistance in a number of acidic environments
  • High creep rupture strength
  • Good resistance to many atmospheres containing sulphur
  • High-temperature strength
  • Incoloy alloys can also be supplied in the following formats: fittings, pipes, tubes, sheets, bars and flanges

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