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What is metal casting?

Metal casting is the process of turning molten metal into a solid shape.

Why is forging stronger than casting?

The finer microstructure of forged parts results in improved toughness and strength over cast parts.

What is press forging?

Press forging is a variation on the forging process. Rather than the metal workpiece being ‘hit’ with a single or multiple blows, the forming

What is forging?

Forging is the process of shaping a solid metal using compressive forces.

What are the applications for super duplex stainless steels?

The term super duplex is typically applied to duplex stainless steels with a chromium content of 25% and a PREN value >40.

Stainless Steels

What are stainless steel hollowbars?

A hollow bar is a bar with a central bore running along its length, produced by extrusion in the same way as seamless tubes.

What are the applications for Incoloy 825?

Alloy 825’s corrosion resistance in a wide range of oxidising and non-oxidising acids is far better than might have been anticipated.

What are the applications for Inconel 718?

Outside of aerospace, the largest single market for Alloy 718 is in assorted Oil & Gas applications.

What is Zeron 100?

Zeron 100 is a super duplex stainless steel developed in the 1980’s by Mather & Platt, more widely referred to as Alloy 32760, F55, 1.4501.

What is XM-19?

XM-19 is a highly alloyed austenitic stainless steel as listed in ASTM A276/A479 as UNS S20190.

What is Incoloy 925?

Alloy 925 is a precipitation-hardened version of Alloy 825.

What is API 6A CRA?

API 6A CRA is a supplement to API 6A, covering a group of high performance alloys – specifically age-hardened nickel alloys.

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