How Does 254SMO Compare to Super Duplex Stainless Steels?

254SMO (UNS S31254, ASTM F44, 1.4547) is a so-called super austenitic stainless steel. By increasing the molybdenum content to 6%, it achieves a pitting resistance equivalent number (PREN) > 43, which is similar to that of a super duplex stainless steel (SDSS).

When comparing 254SMO to super duplex stainless steels, it is non-magnetic, potentially more straightforward to weld and has a wider operating temperature range. However, it is considerably more expensive due to its greater nickel and molybdenum content and has a significantly lower strength. Therefore, it will mostly be used in applications where the use of super duplex stainless steels is limited.

This could include applications at lower temperatures (>-50degC) where the impact strength of SDSS drops, or at higher temperatures (>-250degC) where there is a risk of forming deleterious phases if exposed for extended periods.

Popular Applications for 254SMO

254SMO is used in the following applications:

  • Equipment in pulp bleaching plants
  • Components in gas cleaning systems
  • Equipment for handling seawater, such as heat exchangers, ballast water systems, firefighting systems and cooling water systems.

254SMO and other super austenitic stainless steels have been specified for marine scrubbers, as their intermittent use can result in operating temperatures >250degC.

However, super duplex stainless steels have been successfully used in flue gas desulphurization systems for power stations, as continuous operation results in lower temperatures overall.

Super austenitics such as 254SMO have been substituted by super duplex stainless steels in water treatment systems, such as RO/desalination.

254SMO is a registered trademark of Outokumpu OYJ.

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