CS75 – Ferralium 255 – Hydraulic Motor/ Propeller Unit


A completely self-contained hydraulic motor/propeller unit for power boats made by Lucas Aerospace Ltd. hydro-mechanical group of Bracknell, Berkshire, offers many installation and operational advantages. Almost any mounting can be adopted; a gearbox with drive shaft is unnecessary; vibration is considerably reduced; infinitely variable speed is possible with a governed engine speed; and a single lever control for any propeller speed from full ahead to full astern also make reversal practically instantaneous.


Many of the component parts are made in Langley special alloys. FERRALIUM 255 (UNS S32550, Alloy 255, DIN 1.4507, ASTM F61) castings include rod ends, mounting brackets, steering gearbox pedestal and mounting ties, where mechanical strength and resistance to corrosion by sea water are both essential to durability; whilst the upper stem journal are both in HIDURAX 1 aluminium-bronze which combines good bearing properties with mechanical strength and corrosion resistance.


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Project Overview:

  • Market Sector: Marine & Navel
  • Material: Ferralium 255
  • Place: Lucas Aerospace Ltd.
  • Country: UK
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