CS41 – Ferralium 255 – FGD


Gibson Station - Ferralium 255

Following the successful application of Ferralium® 255 in flue gas scrubbers at the Gibson Station generating plant, the then-operators PSI Energy decided to use the same materials for future FGD absorbers. During the construction of a new unit in 1992 Ferralium 255 was also used to construct dampers for outlet ducts by butt welding 1” thick plate. The Big River Electric Corporation Sabree site also used Ferralium® 255 to line guillotine dampers in the outlet ductwork and the floor area of the outlet ducts adjacent to the bypass re-heat duct area. In these areas where the conditions were reported as pH 1 to 2, Cl 1000-3000ppm and temperature 125degF the ferralium 255 has performed without problems for many years.

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Project Overview:

  • Market Sector: Flue Gas Desulphurisation
  • Material: Ferralium 255
  • Place: Kentucky
  • Country: USA
  • Year of Completion: 1992
  • Client: PSI Energy
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