CS38 – Ferralium 255-SD50 – Sonardyne P-DORT


Ferralium 255-SD50


Sonardyne are a leading developer and manufacturer of underwater acoustic, inertial, optical and sonar technology used in various marine application to track and position objects. The P-DORT (Programmable Deep Oceanographic Release Transponder) combines the features of a heavy duty acoustic release transponder with hardware to allow automatic release at depth. The P-DORT has two modes of basic operation. Firstly, like a standard DORT, it responds to securely coded acoustic commands from the surface in the LF (9-13 kHz) frequency band. Secondly, it can be pre-programmed prior to deployment to automatically release when it reaches a certain depth. This allows heavy items, such as submarine cables for example, to be lowered precisely to the seabed and then the lowering apparatus recovered after an automatic release. The acoustic ranging function within the P-DORT can also be used to relocate the equipment should the lowering cable fail.

Ferralium® 255-SD50 is used for the fabrication of these units due to its excellent corrosion resistance in seawater, combined with higher strength levels – allowing operation at greater depths and the carrying of heavier items – providing robust performance in-service.

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Project Overview:

  • Market Sector: Marine
  • Material: Ferralium 255-SD50
  • Country: UK
  • Client: Sonardyne Ltd
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