CS26 – Ferralium 255 (plate) – Phosphoric Acid Processing


Ferralium 255 plate


The above images showcases a ‘splitter box’ which forms part of the process equipment used in a fertiliser production facility. The purpose of the splitter box is to serve as a distribution point for P2O5 solution coming from the evaporators (at 28%, 40%, and 50% acid concentrations respectively) going to primary storage tanks.  The boxes can be designed to serve any number of evaporators.

Image 1 shows a unit fabricated to serve four input streams, whereas Image 3 is a smaller unit designed to serve three input streams.

Image 2 highlights the design of the box, with an angled end and door to facilitate cleaning of the unit during routine maintenance to prevent build-up.

Ferralium® 255 plate provides excellent performance in processes that utilise phosphoric acid, and can be a cost effective alternative to far more expensive alloys – such as the nickel-based Alloy 904L.

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Images kindly provided by Metalcraft Ltd (www.metalcraftservices.com)


Project Overview:

  • Market Sector: Phosphoric Acid & Fertliser
  • Material: Ferralium 255
  • Place: Florida
  • Country: USA
  • Year of Completion: 2017
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