CS14 – Ferralium 255 – Lift Hook


Lift hook


From our case study archives: The lift hook for the ‘Alvin’, deep submergence vehicle for the Woods Hole Oceanographic lnstitute, is equipped with a Ferralium® 255 pin (indicated by the arrow in the gallery image). The hook is used for at-sea launch and recovery from the mother ship ‘Atlantis ll’. ‘Alvin’, a pressure-resistant, titanium-hulled vessel has made over 1,600 deep dives, many as deep as 4,000 meters. The sub has a six-foot diameter hub, is powered by batteries, and has made many important biological and geological discoveries since it was originally commissioned in the 1960’s. Many times it passes close to thermal vents on the ocean floor where the water would boil if it were not for the extremely high pressure. It has observed many strange creatures that use hydrogen sulphide, ammonia or methane chemistry as an energy source, much the same as land life uses carbon, hydrogen and oxygen compounds.

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Project Overview:

  • Market Sector: Naval
  • Material: Ferralium 255
  • Country: USA
  • Client: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
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