CS06 – Ferralium – Pump Body




Considerable reduction in weight and wall section of castings has been achieved by designing to take advantage of the high strength of Ferralium® 255 – 3SC compared with conventional stainless steels. It was preferred also because of its improved corrosion resistance, especially where conditions were ‘sour’ or when the seawater is to be treated with anti-fouling chemicals such as chlorine dosing compounds.

Water injection pumps produced using Ferralium® 255 – 3SC have been used across the following oil platforms (predominantly across the North Sea): Ninian Southern, Ninian Central, Ninian Northern, Beatrice, Thistle A, Fulmar, Stratfjord A and B, plus platforms in Syria and Tunisia (Sonatrech and Sitep).

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Project Overview:

  • Market Sector: Pumps, Valves & Seals
  • Material: Ferralium 255-3SC
  • Place: North Sea
  • Country: UK
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