Superior Alternative to Earlier Grades with Sanmac™ 2205

Superior Alternative to Earlier Grades with Sanmac™ 2205

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Alloy 2205 - Geothermal Plant

The Sanmac™ 2205 is a superior alternative to earlier grades of standard 2205 alloys due to the vast number of extra uses the alloy can provide compared to its predecessors.

Developed to aid machinability, and combined with excellent strength and corrosion resistance, the Sanmac 2205 has been proven to extend the life of tools and improve productivity.

Sanmac 2205 Can be used for Multiple Applications

We now have Sanmac 2205 readily available for purchase worldwide from Langley Alloys and hold a large stock.

Well suited for a number of applications, Sanmac 2205 can be used in a range of industries and in various forms – demonstrating the versatility of the product. This alloy can be used for oil and gas applications, such as use in pumps, valves, piping and undersea equipment, as well as in the marine and shipbuilding industries, specifically for use on bolts, valves, rudders and propellers.

As well as this, Sanmac 2205 has its uses within the food industry. It can be used for brewery piping, hot liquor tanks and presses, as well as in agriculture to hold various acids such as sulphuric, nitric and phosphoric and other harmful substances and pesticides.

Furthermore, Sanmac 2205 can be used within industrial settings – where it has previously been used in the pulp and paper industry with brown stock washers and bleach tower linings, as well as on equipment that handles organic and fatty acids, or to store chemicals. The combination of high-quality machinability and high resistance to stress corrosion – as well as high mechanical strength and good weldability, makes Sanmac 2205 a great alternative to other alloys.

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If you would like to find out more information about the Sanmac 2205 and the properties it holds, then our expert team will be happy to discuss the product further – just give us a call today!

Sanmac is a registered trademark of Sandvik Intellectual Property AB.

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