Corrosion Resistant Alloys for the Toughest Environments

Corrosion Resistant Alloys for the Toughest Environments

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Corrosion resistant alloys and their importance in the modern world cannot be underestimated. Without them, we would not be able to work, travel and play in marine environments. Whether you enjoy recreational boating, have travelled by ferry, transported tonnes of cargo on board ships or extracted vital natural resources from the deepest recesses under the ocean. All are possible thanks to the properties of corrosion-resistant alloys.

The sea can be the source of much enjoyment closer to home but if a sudden change in weather occurs or you are hundreds of miles offshore, the conditions can be some of the most hostile on the planet. Therefore, corrosion-resistant alloys have been specially developed to retain integrity when pitted against salt water and extreme temperatures.

Naval applications include shafts and bolting for ships or submarines. Marine-grade flanges, swash plate pump components, and mine detection equipment all use these materials. Where the ratio between strength, durability and weight is essential within oil and gas production and the wider marine industries, Langley Alloys has been at the forefront.

Supplying Corrosion Resistant Alloys to the World

Since 1938 the company has evolved and developed a rich and diverse heritage in manufacturing corrosion-resistant alloys. From parts for the Spitfire through to 21st Century Formula 1 cars, high-tech metals are Langley Alloys specialities. With locations in the UK, the USA, Singapore and the Far East, the company has the capability to supply industries around the world with the alloys they require to succeed in their field.

Do You Require Corrosion Resistant Alloys?

From Ferralium 255, to Hiduron, and the many nickel based alloys we manufacture, you can be assured that Langley Alloys has the corrosion resistant alloys solution to your engineering challenge. Be it for use on land, sea, or in the air, we would be happy to hear from you and discuss further how we can partner our expertise with your requirements – contact us today.

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