Where Duplex Steel is Used in Architecture

Where Duplex Steel is Used in Architecture

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Duplex Steel in Architecture

Although stainless steel has been used for nearly a hundred years, higher-performance duplex grades have really only been available commercially since the 1980s. Interestingly, the application of duplex stainless steel by architects, designers and building contractors has gained favour in recent times. It has both practical and aesthetic uses, with many contemporary assemblies using it as an essential application for safety and structural integrity, extending lifetime and minimising maintenance, while utilising its sleek, shiny appearance as a feature to wow people and make a statement. Very few options combine style and strength or make a seamless transition between appearance and functionality.

Duplex stainless steel complements the appearance of other structures that make use of modern glazing and curtain walling, with the latter reflecting the appearance of the former and adding another dimension to the perspective.

A popular material in the construction of pedestrian bridges, duplex stainless steel allows for curved structures with an aesthetic appeal. Perhaps the most noted example is the iconic Helix Bridge in Marina Bay, Singapore. However, an increasing number of references are now available as the end results of such projects disseminate around the world.

The Characteristics of Duplex Steel

The composition of duplex steel means that it is generally twice as strong as austenitic or ferritic stainless steel. These higher-strength alloys are capable of supporting greater loads and spanning large distances whilst retaining a slim and elegant form.

Its durability makes it a sensible choice for use in challenging environments. As many bridges are located nearby the coastline or estuary, there will be a greater exposure to salt-laden air. Using duplex stainless steel can reduce the extent of routine maintenance, and help to retain the original appearance for far longer.

Stainless steel is readily recyclable, encouraged by its ease of traceability and inherent value. This, therefore, helps to reduce the overall environmental impact of a structure, which is an important factor when considering a choice of materials.

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