Latest ‘Valve User’ Article

Latest ‘Valve User’ Article

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Latest ‘Valve User’ Article

80th Anniversary article in Valve User magazine

It was great to see our latest article in the BVAA (British Valve & Actuator Association) ‘Valve User’ magazine. Langley Alloys is pleased to be a member of this association, especially as it helps us to support the industry in which so many of our customers are active. Valve manufacturers benefit from our portfolio of high-strength high-performance alloys, where duplex, super-duplex, high-strength austenitics and nickel alloys are all widely used for valve bodies, stems and trim.

The latest Autumn edition includes a full-page article highlighting our 80th Anniversary. Langley Alloys can trace it roots back to 1938, formed from a merger of High Duty Alloys and Hawker Sidley. Initially focusing on the development of novel copper alloys, which found use predominantly in naval and aerospace applications, we are perhaps best known for the Hiduron and Ferralium families of high-performance alloys, which are used today in many demanding Oil & Gas-related applications. Ferralium is the original super duplex stainless steel and still retains superior properties compared with alternative alloys.

The Langley Alloys of 2018 is a very different business to that formed in 1938. We have relocated from West London (the Langley in Langley Alloys relates to the original location near Slough), but still retain the original company name, ownership of unique trademarked alloys and a track record of supporting customers with their demanding applications. Significant investments in equipment, stocks and people continue to keep our business relevant until the next anniversary !

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