Hiduron 191 – press release from our archives

Hiduron 191 – press release from our archives

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Hiduron 191 – press release from our archives

We thought you would be interested to see this press release taken from our archives. Published in FLIGHT magazine, in 1969, it announces the launch market of the Hiduron 191. This variation on the highly-successful Hiduron 130 features a slightly amended composition in order to achieve an improved toughness, albeit compromising the ultimate tensile strengths possible.

Although it was promoted in a publication for the aerospace industry, it is more widely used in subsea and Oil & Gas applications these days. The Hiduron range of cupronickels combines high strength with the favourable properties of a copper alloy, namely non-fouling, anti-galling, no loss of toughness down to -196degC, freedom from hydrogen embrittlement and high corrosion resistance in marine environments.

Nearly 50 years after its original development, Hiduron 191 continues to find applications in fasteners, valves and sensor applications, taking advantage of its unique combination of mechanical, physical and corrosion-resistant products.

Hiduron 130 From Langley Alloys

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