CS72 – Hidurel 5 – General Applications


An alloy of  interest in general engineering applications is HIDUREL 5. This is a precipitation hardening alloy of copper nickel and silicon which provides a conductivity of about 45% of that of copper in both thermal and electrical applications. Combined with this, HIDUREL 5 (UNS C64711, DIN 2.0855, DTD 498) has high strength, excellent bearing properties and with a permeability less than 1.001 is virtually completely non-magnetic.


The corrosion resistance of HIDUREL 5 to sea water and general industrial and marine conditions is good so that it can be used for a very wide range of exposed applications without protection.


Machining of HIDUREL 5 presents no major difficulties and excellent surface finish can be readily obtained. Also, this alloy is dimensionally very stable, a factor of considerable importance in some applications.


As a result of the unique combination of properties of HIDUREL 5 it is very widely used in electrical, mechanical, and marine applications as diverse as shrink rings in electric motors, resistance welding electrode holders, valve guides in high performance petrol engines, little end bushes in large diesel engines and high tensile bolts.


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  • Material: Hidurel 5
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