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Subsea Connectors - Hiduron 130


RMSpumptools design and manufacture a wide range of products, but with a particular focus on connectors for the oil and gas industry. These connectors are used for electrical and mechanical purposes, for tooling, downhole and completion applications.

The WellConnect™ Dry Mate product is used for connecting subsea equipment such as tubing hanger and tubing hanger running tools. The male and female connector design eradicates the need for offshore splicing – as the female half is a field attachable connector, joining to the male part that utilises metal-to-metal sealing. With a design life of up to 25 years, in very demanding environments, the selection of materials is critical to its consistent operation.

Hiduron® 130 is used for the connector housing due to its attractive combination of properties:

  • firstly, it provides extremely high-strength for an alloy of this type, allowing efficient use of material and reducing the suspended load
  • as a cupronickel it has excellent resistance to corrosion by seawater and in marine atmospheres, and it is highly resistant to crevice corrosion
  • critically, it has good wear and galling resistance, particularly when operating against stainless steels, which is a fundamental requirement for connector applications
  • Good anti-fouling properties are beneficial, and in similar applications the low temperature mechanical properties and very low magnetic permeability can also be beneficial.

With such properties, it is no surprise that Hiduron® 130 is widely used in subsea hydraulic and electrical connectors such as flying lead connectors for stab plates. It is also used in naval winches, seawater valves and more general marine engineering.

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WellConnect is a trademark of RMSpumptools Ltd.

Project Overview:

  • Market Sector: Marine
  • Material: Hiduron 130
  • Place: North Sea
  • Country: UK
  • Client: RMSpumptools Ltd
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