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Hiduron 130

Avalon Sciences Ltd have been designing and manufacturing cutting-edge downhole micro-seismic measurement instrumentation for more than 20 years.

Their products are widely used to map the formation of subsurface layers by sending strings of tools down boreholes. These tools contain a variety of precision instrumentation, such as geophones that listen for micro-seismic activities associated with well operation and hydraulic fracturing.

Developments within the geophysics industry now means that such precision instrumentation is no longer being used to calibrate and monitor the drilling process alone. Instead, tools are remaining in-situ for extended periods to monitor micro-seismic activity long after drilling has ceased. Such moves are driven by the regulatory environment for on-shore drilling within Europe.

The general environmental conditions that Geochain™ tools are exposed to is challenging: continuous temperatures >195°C; high pressures 25000psi / 1700 bar and highly corrosive conditions combining drilling muds plus the presence of H2S/acid injection and brine. Combined with operating cycles extending to weeks, then selection of materials is critical, particularly as the cost for a total tool system may exceed £1M.

The unique combination of properties of Hiduron® 130 are exploited in the construction of the heatsink, located at the head of the tool within the pressure housing. Critical properties include:

  • Excellent thermal conductivity only achievable by copper and copper alloys.
  • High strength to construct rigid tools able to withstand extreme pressures and protect sensitive instrumentation
  • Excellent corrosion resistance to survive the various environments faced by tools during their extended operation


Project Overview:

  • Market Sector: Instrumentation
  • Material: Hiduron 130
  • Country: UK
  • Client: Avalon Sciences Ltd
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