Langley Alloys in the ‘Spotlight’

Langley Alloys in the ‘Spotlight’

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Langley Alloys in the ‘Spotlight’

Langley Alloys are pleased to be the spotlight feature of January 2021’s edition of Stainless Steel World News.

The series of interviews with various members of the Langley Alloys team highlighted developments taking place within the business. First and foremost, the upcoming relocation of our Houston USA business to a much larger site, better able to carry increased stocks of super duplex stainless steels and nickel alloys. In addition, the team were also able to highlight ongoing investments in the supply of piping packages, 1st stage machining and increasing stocks of nickel alloys such as Alloy 625 and Alloy 825.

Stainless Steel World News is the premium publication for the stainless steel industry, with up-to-date market and trading news, company developments, industry events, products and projects worldwide. The Langley Alloys article can be found online and also in the attached file.

SSWN – Langley Alloys, spotlight January 2021

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