Stainless Steel World News (8/19)

Stainless Steel World News (8/19)

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Stainless Steel World

This month’s Stainless Steel World, the stainless steel industry’s premium publication, includes an extended feature on the history of Ferralium 255.

After more than 50 years of successful service, the article outlines the development history of the very first super duplex stainless steel. It starts with the registration of the original patent, and the metallurgical breakthroughs regarding increased copper content and controlled nitrogen levels to increase pitting corrosion resistance. Initial challenges, such as weldability, are discussed as well as how this new family of alloys has been marketed. Case study examples throughout the years are included to illustrate the article.

Other grades of super duplex stainless steel have subsequently been developed and Langley Alloys now stocks a complete range of these products. Together with our history in their development, we are proud to call ourselves ‘The Home of Super Duplex’.

Langley Alloys would like to thank Joanne McIntyre (Editor in Chief) and the team at KCI Publishing / Stainless Steel World for their efforts in creating this article.

Stainless Steel World – July-August 2019, Ferralium 255 article

Duplex Stainless Steels
Sanmac® 2205 – Alloy 2205, UNS S32205, DIN 1.4462, F60, UNS S31803, F51

Super Duplex Stainless Steels
Ferralium 255-SD50® – Alloy 255, UNS S32550, DIN 1.4507, F61
SAF®2507 – Alloy 32750, UNS S32750, DIN 1.4410, F53
S32760 – Alloy 32760, UNS S32760, DIN 1.4501, F55, Zeron 100®

If you have any questions about Ferralium or any of our other products, please get in touch today.

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