Stainless Steel World cover story

Stainless Steel World cover story

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Stainless Steel World - Langley Alloys

Langley Alloys is very pleased to be the feature of this months publication.

As the premium publication for anyone involved with corrosion resistant alloys, this is a great platform from which to share our story.

The article covers the evolution of Langley Alloys, in particular the increasing activity of our operations in the USA. Our two warehouses in Portland and Houston followed very different paths. Whereas Houston was set-up in response to the requests of our multi-national customers several years ago, Portland had been very active in the market from the early days of Ferralium 255 super duplex stainless steels. In fact, it still specialises in the stocking, processing and distribution of super duplex plate.

Elsewhere, we draw attention to the 50th birthday of Ferralium 255. Invented by Langley Alloys in the mid-1960’s, it was formally launched in 1969 when our patent was granted. As the very first super duplex stainless steel to be commercialised, it has been widely used for many years with an impressive track record. It was even used in the refurbishment of the Statue of Liberty !

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